3nm SE of Halstead (N51:54.817 E000:40.900)
227ft AMSL

Display Commentary

Informative, humourous, geared to your audience; commentary at its best

We are able to provide our own specialised commentary for our displays. Debs presence on the ground at your event also provides the requirement for a Flying Display Director. This also has the added advantage of tailoring the exact time of the display to your requirements (useful for weddings where your own activities don’t always run exactly to the planned times)!

With Debs on the ground at the event communicating with the display aircraft pilot, she’ll provide your audience with a great commentary that can include an interview during the display. Debs is a great asset – willing to chat, and has some memento’s for those wishing to take something home from the display where appropriate!

The end result is a spectacular, safe performance that people on the ground will find difficult to forget for all the right reasons.

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