3nm SE of Halstead (N51:54.817 E000:40.900)
227ft AMSL

Harvard Conversion

For existing Pilots

We are pleased to offer the chance for existing pilots to complete a type conversion to the Harvard.

Harvard checkouts are normally a pre-requisite prior to attempting to fly a Spitfire, Hurricane or Mustang (or similar era fighters), since this is the path that original trainee pilots took during that period.


Differences training for tail-wheel aircraft will need to be undertaken prior to flying the Harvard since any mistakes or errors made during take-off and landing are a lot less forgiving in the Harvard than other types! You will need to have several hours of tail-wheel experience prior to commencing the Harvard conversion.

Your Harvard Checkout will comprise of:

  • Formal briefings on Superchargers
  • Formal briefings on Retractable Undercarriage
  • Formal briefings on Variable Pitch Propellers (CSU)
  • Familiarity of type including the above plus General Handling (inertia), Steep turns, Stalls, Spin Avoidance, Take-off and landings (including 3-point, wheelers, grass and hard surfaces), Emergency Procedures

Duration and Costs

The timescales and costs involved will depend entirely upon individual pilots, previous experience and aptitude.

We suggest you contact us to have a chat where we can assess your experience, aspirations, and discuss costs and timescales.

The Harvard in all it's glory

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Facts & Figures

Span 42 feet 1/4 inch
Length 28 feet 11-7/8 inches
Seating Tandem
Power plant Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340-AN-1 550 horsepower (later uprated), air-cooled
Speed 205 mph at 5,000 feet
Propeller Controllable pitch