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Aerobatic Rating

Fun, Fun, Fun!

The Aerobatic Rating is a fantastic logical step to take, even though you may not wish to perform aerobatics! The reason is that you’ll become a better handling pilot as a result, and have more confidence on your own abilities.

Add the official Aerobatic Rating to your Licence

This is a Formal Rating that appears on your Pilots Licence on completion of your training, which will be performed by our CAA authorised instructor. On successful completion of training, you apply to the CAA for the Rating to be added to your licence, with supporting documentation. There is no test for the issue of the rating, and the rating is valid for life thereafter, with no revalidation or renewal requirements.

If you already have an aerobatic rating, it’s vital to get some dual training on any aerobatic aircraft you’re new to – especially an aerobatic one – since these aircraft may well have areas of the flight envelope to be wary of until you have experienced them!


Applicants for an aerobatic rating shall have completed:

  • At least 40 hours of flight time or, in the case of sailplanes, 120 launches as PIC in the appropriate aircraft category, completed after the issue of the licence.


The privileges of the aerobatic rating shall be limited to the aircraft category in which the flight instruction was completed. The privileges will be extended to another category of aircraft if the pilot holds a licence for that aircraft category and has successfully completed at least 3 dual training flights covering the full aerobatic training syllabus in that category of aircraft.

Course Syllabus

Our syllabus not only conforms to the officially required trianing, but we also show you some tips, tricks and best practices to ensure you get the very best out of your time spent with us.

  • Technical Theoretical Knowledge
    • Legislation
    • Aircraft Limitations
    • Principles of Flight (Stalls/Spins)
  • Human Performance Theoretical Knowledge
    • G-Forces
    • Disorientation
    • Air Sickness
  • Type Specific Theoretical Knowledge
    • Load Factors
    • Airspeeds
    • Engine Management
  • Emergency Theoretical Knowledge
    • Parachutes
    • Aircraft Abandonment
  • Long Brief & Practical Flight Exercises
    • HASSELL Checks
    • Noise Abatement
    • Advanced Turning
    • Slow Flight
    • Stall Recovery
    • Unusual Attitude Recovery
    • Spin Recovery
    • Tail-Slide Avoidance
    • Vne
    • Engine Re-starts
    • Gate Height and Speeds
    • Aileron Roll
    • Loop
    • Barrel Roll
    • Slow Roll
    • Flick Roll
    • Stall Turn
    • Immelmann
    • Half Cuban
    • Quarter Clover
    • Combinations

Duration and Costs

Remember that you are being instructed by an instructor with an enviable reputation for delivering results to you. Our personal objective is to make sure you land with a smile on your face. If you don’t – we haven’t done our job properly.

The timescales involved will depend entirely upon individual pilots, previous experience and aptitude, however, the official minimum requirements for the rating is either 5 hours or 20 aerobatic flights.

We can offer an awful lot of aircraft, with superb instruction for an all-in hugely competitive price of just £375.00 per hour.