3nm SE of Halstead (N51:54.817 E000:40.900)
227ft AMSL

Yak52 Type Conversion

For existing Pilots

We are pleased to offer the chance for existing pilots to complete a type conversion to the Yak52.

The mighty Yak52 is a cold war Soviet Trainer that is made of stern stuff to operate in hostile weather environments in mother USSR! This is your chance to convert to a simply amazingly capable aircraft – fully aerobatic, with retractable undercarriage, variable pitch propeller a supercharger thrown in!


There are no pre-requisites to converting to a Yak52 since the training will cover all of the required theory and “differences” allowing you to be signed off to fly other complex aircraft.

Your Yak52 Checkout will comprise of:

  • Formal briefings on Superchargers
  • Formal briefings on Retractable Undercarriage
  • Formal briefings on Variable Pitch Propellers (CSU)
  • Familiarity of type including the above plus General Handling, Steep turns, Stalls, Spin Avoidance, Take-off and landings, Flight envelope exploration, and Emergency Procedures

Duration and Costs

The timescales involved will depend entirely upon individual pilots, previous experience and aptitude.

We can offer an awful lot of aircraft, with superb instruction for an all-in hugely competitive price of just £390.00 per hour.

Contact us now to arrange your next step up to flying something bigger, better and louder!

The Yak52 in all it's glory

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Facts & Figures

Span 30 feet 6 inches
Length 25 feet 5 inches
Seating Tandem
Power plant Ivchenko M14-P 360 horsepower, air-cooled
Speed 260 mph
Propeller V530TA-D3 two blade constant speed